Ich hab für YFU Eesti über meine Vorweihnachtszeit ein bisschen berichtet und euch möchte ich das natürlich auch nicht vorenthalten 😉

“ Soon is Christmas – and although there is only very little snow outside I have this Christmas feeling, and I can see it everywhere. Last year there was now up to 70cm snow. Most of the people are glad about the missing snow, but I really look forward that it comes :). In the cities of Tallinn and Tartu are Christmas trees and Christmas markets and the streets are illuminated with nice lighting. Also in Jõgeva, where I live to, are the the streets beautifully lighted.

It is a strange feeling not to be „at home with my family“ in Germany and not to celebrate with them. It is my first time without them. But I enjoy this peaceful time together with my second family, who gives me here in Estonia another home. 🙂

Every weekend there is the nice smell of baked cookies or piparkook (gingerbread) in our house and we eat a lot of mandarins. At our last real school-day we had for lunch veriworst (black pudding), which is traditionally eaten at Christmas.

With my folk-dancing group we performed every weekend in December and more. In the Jõgeva culture center, for Christmas parties of the center and in the old people’s home, as entertainment at a couple dancing Christmas competition or at a lot Christmas market with handmades.

In my school we had a Christmas party and the more official Christmas concert at the last school day. There I sang with the school’s choir for my first time. In his final speech the director thanked all the important persons for their contribution and also me personally 🙂

My Christmas package to my family in Germany arrived, their package is on its way. I have bought many beautiful Estonian Christmas cards, which wait to be written now in the holidays, when I have finally time for it. I had a nice time before Christmas and now I look really forward to celebrate the fest of love with my Estonian family and our relations at mamma’s (grannie’s) house. Christmas eve we will go to the church, although we are all not religious, but for the atmosphere.

Right now the music of the famous Estonian musician Raimond Valgre sounds through our house from a original vinyl record player and I feel that Christmas is almost there :)“

Ich wünsche euch allen ein frohes Fest. HÄID JÕULE!