Getting a routine

05. 01. 2019

When I arrived in Estonia, I first focused on the new things: the people, the language and the culture. What I did not think about that much (mainly because there were much more important things) was what I should continue doing.

Many people – i think – have problems with building themselves a routine when they first go away from their biological parents. Or perhaps it was just the fact that there are so many other things that change that a routine does not fit in at first.

The more often you repeat things, the easier they get. Many things just take time: The longer you go to school the easier it is for you to memorize the time table; when you know the time table you can take the right material with you and you know for what subject you need to do your homework (At the moment I have so few things to take to school that I have all the material in my bag all the time, but that should not be the case forever). I also think it is easier to become used to everything and to settle in, if you feel comfortable in your environment and you have friendly people around you. I am lucky on that aspect.

What was especially hard for me were the simpler things: Caring for myself like sports and other daily routines. It took me some time to realize that I should maybe start doing/ using those things. Even then it was hard to keep doing them. Most of us have that problem even in our normal lives, you know you should do something but you never really do it. This is (at least for me) even harder during an exchange year.

But it comes, slowly but surely; every day I feel a bit more at home in my everyday life. The more you get to know your environment the easier it is to adapt to everything as much as it suits you.