About me (just in case you want to know)


My name is Malin and I am fifteen years old. Like many students I am going to spend the next school year abroad. Unlike many students I am going to spend that year in Estonia. For those, who don’t know: Estonia is the northernmost country of the Baltic States, the capital city is Tallinn and they speak Estonian there.


Yes, I am from Germany, still I’m going to write in English, here are some reasons for that:

  • I want to give my host family the opportunity to read my articles
  • I like writing in English – better than writing in German – even though I speak German better than English
  • Also I do not think I want to write in German during my exchange year. There, I think, I’ll want to speak (and write) as little German as possible

I hope you will enjoy my blog posts anyway and hopefully they will give you a good impression about Estonia and spending an exchange year there.